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All of the used equipment was pulled from my personal system and all equipment was fully functional and in good condition unless otherwise noted.


C4-HC500B-E-B       HC500 w/ SR-250 Remote       1              Used        $250.00

***Zigbee radio does not work              

HC300-E-B               HC300 w/ SR-250 Remote       1              Used        $200.00

C4-16AMP3-B          16 Channel Amp                        1              Used        $500.00 SOLD

C4-MP1-E                 Control4 Media Player              1              Used        $50.00   

AVG-RAA1-B            Wifi Speaker Point                     7              New         $200.00

AVG-RAA1-B            Wifi Speaker Point                     1              Used        $100.00

RCZ-SRC1-B           System Remote Control             2              New         $10.00   

RCZ-SRC1-B           System Remote Control            1              Used        $5.00     

AVM-HTC1-B           Home Theater Controller          3              New         $75.00   

AVM-HTC1-B           Home Theater Controller          1              Used        $50.00   

LOZ-5S1-W 120V     Wireless Outlet Switch               3              New         $75.00     SOLD

LOZ-5S1-W 120V     Wireless Outlet Switch               1              Used        $50.00     SOLD

KPM-TTK1-B            LCD Keypad Table Top Kit       2              New         $50.00   

KPM-TTK1-B            LCD Keypad Table Top Kit       3              Used        $25.00   

KPM-TTK1-B            LCD Keypad Table Top Kit       1              Used        $15.00

*** Part of screen does not work"                          

KPS36-M-B               Low Voltage Power Supply       1              New         $10.00   

C4-KSDB-Z               Kwikset SmatCode Zigbee Deadbolt       1              Used        $100.00 SOLD

CCZ-T1-W                Wireless Thermostat                1              Used        $100.00  SOLD



APC                         BX1500G                  865 Watts /1500 VA,Input 120V Output 120V, Interface Port USB              1              Used        $125.00                         

Planet                      GSW-2404SF           24-Port Web Smart Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 Shared SFP           1              Used        $125.00

Monster Power        HTPS 7000SS          Signature Series Home Theater Reference HTPS 7000 PowerSource with Dual Balanced Pure Power Transformers and Clean Power Stage 5                1              Used        $300.00            

Asus                         VH238H                   Widescreen 23" 1080P LED Monitor        1              Used        $100.00

Roku                        2 XS                         1080p Streaming Player                           1              Used        $50.00


Any reasonable offers will be considered

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