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LED Tape / DMX driver math


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Anyone willing to check my math here?

LED Parts

I have Meanwell DR100-24 100W 24V transformers. One for each DMX driver.


My DMX drivers do 1A per channel.


I'm using 24V 5050 60SMD 60 LED/M > 14.4W/m

RGB rolls

2800k rolls

6000k rolls

My Math is that

RGB Tape

So for the RGB tape that is the 3A over 3 channels allows me 5M of tape (14.4Wm/3Ch = 4.8W/m with 24V and 1 A that gives me 24W of power over 24/4.8 = 5m of tape per transformer.

White Tape

For the single color tape I have only one channel so I can only get 1.66M of tape per channel before the DMX driver is over current. 24W/14.4W/m = 1.66m


I'm planning to run the RGB at far lower than max.

For the White I plan to work to 80% of DMX driver max so about 1.3m and then slice the tape into even 12 in parts along the countertop. I'll have the two temps side by side so I can turn up or down the color temp of the countertop and cupboard lights.

Once I am confident of the math I need to get the soldering iron out to slice and join.

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