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What do you mean 'will there be any drivers' do you mean specifically for ductless HVAC units?

The page you link is just a splash for the new INTERFACE included with 2.7. It's a very nice and improved interface - but it's just that, an interface. It as such has nothing to do at all with being able to use ductless systems.


To have a 'driver' you need something to interface WITH a ductless system that can communicate back to C4, and most ductless units I've seen use proprietary remotes or wall units - not much chance of getting anything for that - too scattered.

I suppose Chowmain's IR thermostat units may work in a number of scenario's: https://www.houselogix.com/shop/generic-thermostat-driver - not sure of functionality within 2.7/the new interface, but perhaps Alan can comment on that.


The only units that I've seen that can handle a normal 24VAC thermostat are enviromaster commercial units - those could be integrated no problem at all - just pick your integrateable thermostat of choice.

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Problem is not so much C4 not being able to talk to them, but the units not being able to talk to anyone - like I said, perhaps Alan's IR option can do the job for you - but beyond that, I'm not sure what could be done beyond using units that can hook up to a normal t-stat.

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