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Phase 1 complete rest of pics


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Yeah, we ran short. It was an oversight on my and my installer's part. It is a Audio Matrix switch. When we install the next zones of Music, we will need another C4 Amp, UPS and maybe another 300. So I will probably get a second rack for those three components with space to add several more componets for flexibility. Anyway, there was not really room (floor to ceiling) to put more euipment in the rack shown.

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Humm I might be out of line........but humm........

You have all that packed into a tight area with power outlets that close to the system? Can you say hummmmmmm hummmmmmm..............

AND a huge water pipe right on top of the system? wow...........humm

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Thanks for the comments. The area where the rack sits (back) is a storage room that is 25 feet by 50 feet so there is a lot of room to breathe. Haven’t had any overheating problems yet. There is only one outlet really on the left. Two Pannamax max conditioners plug into that power outlet and then the ones you see on the right go to TV’s in the bedrooms and family room. The pipe concerned me a little, but it is a sewer pipe (waiting for the jokes) that services a wing of the house that’s rarely used. I figure if it pops I am in deep shit anyway! Love my insurance bill. LOL.

Getting ready for phase two which includes:

20 Dimmers

9 Switches

5- 3 Button Keypads

8- 2 Button Keypads

4- 6 Button keypads

Garage door- wireless relay and contacts

Fireplace automation keypad and dimmer

2 wireless contacts for outside gates

2 wireless contacts for screen door and sliding door

2 table top kits for 2- 6 button keypads.

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