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Russound CAV6


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Hi, I know that the russound CAV6 has been mentioned before and I have spotted a serial driver for it.

I just wanted some feedback on the driver, Do you lose some functionality, for example does the control4 remotes have volume feedback etc? Can the russound keypads be taken away?

I would rather use control4 amp and seperate video matrix but CAV6 seems a cheap video/audio solution.

Any comments will be appreciated


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I have used the CAV 6 with my C4 setup since day 1 (about 2.5 years now), and it works great. C4 switches the zone output, controls the volume, works like a CHAMP!

I actually still use the Russound in wall controls in a few rooms, since they came with it and provide volume and source switching.

Also, late last year I added Russound's VM1 that switches HIDEF component....the nice thing about this is that I didn't have to touch the programming,since it responds to the source inputs sent to the CAV....

So between the 2 I can switch 6 HiDef video sources into 6 zones with audio.....pretty nice....


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