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Sonos and Digital Media

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I know it's not the standard way of doing things but I like some other's here use my Sonos system as a virtual matrix as I had Sonos before I had C4.  I'm curious though as to how Control4 decides the path for Digital Media.  I have all my music stored on a NAS and have it added into my system both via the Sonos and the My Music on the Navigator.  I personally listen using the Sonos side most of the time but my wife likes the My Music as she says it's easier for her.  What I'm trying to understand is how it chooses to play in various rooms.  I have one of the line outs on my HC-800 connected to the line in on a Sonos Connect.  I also have slave controllers in several rooms hooked to actual Sonos speakers and amps one way or another.  In some rooms it seems the music comes from the controller audio out.  In other rooms it seems to come from the Sonos side of things but I'm not sure where it plays into the system.  I know this may seems unimportant but I'm just trying to wrap my head around how it chooses.  

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It would only come from the controller out if choosing from 'My Music' - in other words from the systems database. When choosing from the sonos 'My Library' it would do it direct from Sonos.


Is that what you're looking for as an answer?

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I get that. Anytime music is chosen from the Sonos My Library it plays through the Sonos and if you add rooms it always plays through the Sonos in those rooms.

My confusion lies purely with using the My Music through the Control4 as I've only recently starting using it that way my self. I'll give a scenario.
I start the My Music in my Great Room. It plays through the AVR directly from the controller.
I add my Master Bathroom. It plays HC-200 to the TV and to the optical in on Sonos Playbar. It turns on the TV to enable this.
I add my Office which is hooked up as HC-200B to TV and to the line in on Sonos Play5. However it plays directly from the Play5 and the TV stays off.

I'm not complaining as it works and doesn't make much difference to me. I'm just trying to wrap my head why it chooses one way over the other. And how it decides which line in to play from when it does this.

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Ah - I see.

What's happening is that the system chooses the 'conversion' from the line from the 800 to the sonos you mentioned.

This is because it sees it as less steps with an audio cable of the same priority (HDMI>Digital coax/optical>analogue).



Order of step priority:

-Can I synch it? (ie is there a controller method of outputting things - this creates a mess if you add say a cable box to a controller in while also using that cable box as a video source - it will always choose the digitized path if it has one)

-Audio connection type priority (as per above).

-Shortest path available.

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