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Integrating C4 with Axis camera, Texecom security panel

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I'm kind a newbie here and I need serious help from you all.

I have a job, where my client's house has 24 Axis camera ( no drivers for these cameras), Texecom security with 100+ zones.


The client wants to integrate all this with C4.

He wants to view the camera through C4 and also the Texecom security.


How can I help him.


I'm under pressure. And I need to fix this.

Please help.

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hey so im in kinda the same boat. i run the p3367 and the p3384 axis fixed cameras (7 of them) and have a genetec NVR solution. i can use the axis generic driver to show the cams in my touch panel and my TVs, but it's very blocky, i think it's stuck at 320x240 or similar. 


does anyone have experience with the 3mp/5mp cams and how i can get those to show in proper resolution on my c4 devices? 

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