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new Grace Tuner Pro firmware released yesterday, Canadians avoid.


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grace released new firmware yesterday for their tuner pro, unfortunately they did not send out any type notification via email which I believe was a huge oversight on their behalf. I happened to be walking past my equipment rack last night and noticed the Grace was prompting on the LCD screen to apply a firmware update. Since I have been having some issues I eagerly selected yes with hopes of all my issues being resolved finally. This morning I noticed the update had failed so i decided to do some research before trying the update again. I came across a press release on their site announcing it and recommending Canadians not apply the patch yet due to some differences in Sirius internet service up here in Canada.


not sure if it failed because they are blocking Canadian IP but it looks like it is a good thing for the time being that it did fail.

unfortunately i can not find what the firmware update specifically is suppose to offer or resolve other than "this update is to help users who use SiriusXM". I will try sending their support an email and see if they can offer any more insight and I will post my further findings.


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ends up even though my tuner failed the update  and when it prompts again I say no, my control4 integration is now broken, select channels through navigators and will not initiate stream. i will attempt some troubleshooting over next couple of days and post results. 

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is anyone else using grace for Sirius on c4 experiencing any issues? 

just found this on their site so it may not be just my setup?

Internet Radio Servers are currently experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of the current issues and actively working to restore proper operation. Thank you for your patience in this matter. Please check gracesupport.com to follow up with the latest status.

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