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Custom Buttons for Radio

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I'm new to Composer HE and I'm trying to learn / fix some issues with custom buttons that are not working.


I currently have rooms with custom buttons that should be programmed to play radio stations.  These were working at one time but have not worked in months.


I want to update all these custom buttons with radio shortcuts using whatever the easiest and most reliable source that is currently available.  The following sources exist in my project; Sonos, TuneIn, SiriusXM and Pandora.  I've also come across what looks like native C4 AM Radio and FM Radio sources.


Any suggestions on what I should use to reliably select specific radio stations via custom buttons?




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I did a little more digging and although you can add AM Radio and FM Radio stations, these have no Actions associated with them so they can't be used for a custom button.  I also have not been able to find a way to add these stations as Favorites.  So it looks like the native AM & FM Radio sources aren't going to be an option for me.


TuneIn also has no Programming Actions associated with it but I was able to sync the TuneIn favorites to the C4 Favorites.  From there I was able to assign the Favorite to a custom button.


Does this seem like the correct way to set this up?


Does TuneIn provide reliable & stable streams?

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