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Emit Smart TV code when switching to an other Watch

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Next issue I have is using Smart TV features in my room.

When playing anything via Smart TV I need to hit CANCEL to exit before I can select WATCH APPLE TV or BluRay etc

or the TV wont allow those sources image to come through.


I added in programming





and when executed in Composer it works,but not in real world..is it because I have Bindings in connections?

DO I need to then program all features of that device manually?

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If you are watching Netflix, then you have to hit more than just cancel... It's like cancel, right enter yada yada... We do some smart apps programming and I built drivers that treat the smart apps as a source, which works okay... In the end Apple TV or ruku or fire TV is the best way.

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I have 'Living TV' as a watch source when I want to use the TV's apps.

I have the same problem as you, but instead of cancel, I use 'PREV' as the single button that takes me back to my home screen. (my home screen defaults to full size TV with a menu bar at the top which disappears when not in use)

With a one button click back to home screen , you don't need to worry about where cancel will take you or how many times you need to click it.


I think the problem with your code is possibly the emit code might be going to the apple tv and not the smart tv.

I remember playing around with mine and finding this issue with one of my set ups.


Not entirely sure on the fix for you sorry.

I'm sure some of the smart fellas around here will have some ideas.

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