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Control4 Thermostat Installation Issues


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I have an new C4 themostat (Aprilaire) and an old Control4 thermostat which I have just hooked up in our new home.


Unfortunately, neither T-Stat is working properly with my HVAC system.  I have a fairly good idea for what the problem is on the new T-Stat, but I'm not sure why the old one is not working.




The new April Aire T-Stat has been programmed incorrectly.  It is set for Heat/Cool when it should be set for Heat Pump, with "O" energized on cooling.

I went into the Installer Setup settings and tried to change those 2 settings, but those options are locked out.  I can change almost every other setting but those two are locked.


I feel optimistic that if I can change those 2 settings on the Aprilaire thermostat it should work properly.  But I'm not sure why I can't change those settings.  I also cannot reset to factory defaults.





As for the old C4 T-Stat, I'm not sure what is wrong.  I connected everything exactly as it should be for Heat Pump (2 stage heat, 1 stage cool).  The internal switches are all correct.  Heat Pump, Electric, Electric, Power Steal Disabled since I have Common.


My system uses O for Reversing Valve cooling, so I'm using the O port on the T-Stat.


The problem is that when the system runs with this T-Stat, it's running the heat when it should be cooling.  This causes the outside unit to shut off after about a minute.  The air handler just blows air for a few minutes, but then it shuts off, too.


I wired up the old "dumb" thermostats last night and got my A/C working again so we could sleep in comfort.  The one difference I noticed on the dumb thermostat vs. the Control4 T-Stat is that the dumb thermostat has 1 port labelled "O/B" whereas the C4 T-Stat has separate O and B ports.  My HVAC installer insists that my system is energized on O for cooling.  But maybe I should try the wire on the B port on the C4 thermostat?



Any advice appreciated.

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