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Wally Home water sensor integration


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I have been using those sensors for about a year and they work great (http://www.wallyhome.com). It is an interesting approach but well done and very reliable. I understand some people have had issues with the positioning of the sensors but as far as I am concerned, very happy. And it is quite cost effective if you have several location to monitor.

Wally released an API some time ago and they are integrated with Nest and support IFTTT (http://www.wallyhome.com/api/).

I wonder if anyone has looked at integrating Wally with C4 and a driver exists or could be developed. 

At $50 per sensor (first 6 with hub) then $30 per additional one, it is a very affordable solution. Especially considering that there is zero maintenance involved, no battery to change and no wiring required...

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