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I have a good friend who is wanting to install security cameras around his house.  I was just going to see what some people on here's opinions are.  This does not necessarily have to be Control4 controllable.  This is what he's looking for:  




16 channel system with 8 IP 3MP cameras that can do 30fps. Private masking.  Android accessible. 100 ft. Min. Night vision.


Thanks for your help!

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anything can give you good images at 30 fps in lighted conditions.

very few cameras can give you good images at 30 fps at night.

i use mobotix and i am very happy.  in fact, i get good images at 60 fps at night.

in low light, i have ir floods.  not sure my floods project to 100 feet but i am sure you can get ones that do.

would love to hear what others are using for night video.

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after re-reading my post above, i need to edit it.

when i said 60 fps, i really meant 1/60 shutter speed.

i have found that if you want good images, in day or night, that are not blurred by motion, you need a minimun shutter speed of 1/30 and preferrably 1/60.

so getting 30 fps is easy, getting high quality images, that will allow you to read a face or car license plate requires the faster shutter speed.

getting the faster shutter speed at night will cost you some.

what you want to look for when comparing cameras is the lux requirement.

if you want a spec to compare to, look up the latest mobotix specs.

and by the way, i am a simple user, no connection to mobotix.  just cut my teeth the hard way over the years.

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