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SR250 (Green Button) To Trigger Broadcast Call (2.7.2 Communication Agent)

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So I am trying to set up some programming to allow me to initiate a broadcast call from the couch.  Here is how I would want this to work.


Press Green Button on SR250 in Living Room:

      - if Living Room TS is in call session:

                - end call session (or end broadcast)

                - stop

     - if Living Room TS is not in call session:

                - initiate broadcast to ALL touchscreens



I tried programming this but it doesn't seem to work.  The screen initiates the broadcast call correctly, but I cant get it to hang up the session (even tried creating a macro to "End Call" on all of the TS, but that didnt work either).


I am on 2.7.2 and these are IE 7" Touch Screens with the new communication agent.  Anyone have any ideas?





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