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Looking for an integrator North of Boston

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I am new to the control 4 Forums and the system itself.  I want to switch over to control 4 in my home. I have an HAI Omni Pro II and UPB switches and HAI thermostats throughout the house.  I know I would have change over the light switches to work with control 4, but can Control 4 control the thermostats and security of the HAI? I am currently using HAI phone app to control lighting, temp and security. 


Also I need to change out my old Russound audio system and my Video Switcher.  


The reason for all this is I got hit by lighting and all my systems fried. I am replacing the HAI because of security and life safety (smoke, CO, HVAC). But now I am at the point where I think i should be looking at a more robust system.


I am very knowledgeable of installation of systems, theaters, Audio, video, etc. I am a DIY person, however where it comes to this, I am looking for someone who will work with me to lay out the system, program it and send it to me and I will install. 


I have 7 tv's throughout the house along with a dedicated Theater.  I had an Aton video switcher which I used for 4 tv's and I could control 4 sources.  For this change over, I was looking at Video Storm and running over IP. I like the idea because of the flexibility of the system especially where you can hook up the local audio out, if you are using smart TV features and have it come though the audio, that is slick. I would need 5 to 7 handheld C4 remotes programmed.


For Audio I am not sure which route to take. I currently have 8 zones of audio and I want to expand it to 10.  I want to have it tightly integrated into the control 4 system so you can pull up your music on a server, switch to spotify, apple music, etc easily. I like the Sonos interface. You can do all that and even play music that is on the device. Need more input on this.  I am currently using Casatunes for the the russound.


As for the theater, I need a control system. I am currently using iRule and its fine, but I want to have touchscreen and also handheld remote capability. 


So as you can see i have a few disparate systems that I would like to bring together into an east to use interface.


I am hoping someone can guide me on this and move fast. I need to make the decisions quickly because of the situation.  Thank you


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Hello ccapozzoli,


We are based in Woburn, MA. and would be pleased to provide you a proposal for the services you require.  If interested, please PM me and I will reach out to you as soon as possible.


As for the HAI system, there is a paid driver for the Omni and Lumina panels.  Below is the general description of the driver.


Driver Features

  • Supports all Areas, Zones, Units, Codes, Thermostats, Macro buttons, Messages, Voice Messages and Access Readers handled by the panel connected to the driver.

  • Access Readers are supported with requests, events and by allowing door locking and unlocking under programming control (see the Programming section below) and optionally via the Navigator interface.

  • Arming functions are of course not supported for Lumina panels, but Zone Contacts and Macro buttons may be used.

  • In addition, support is provided for HAI/UPB lighting loads and keypads connected to the HAI panel.

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