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Scheduling many dimmers at different times


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I am trying to create a vacation mode for a bunch of dimmers, and I know that I can set up agents that can be used to schedule events at particular times - but if I want to have different dimmers go on and off at different times, is there a way to program all of them in a single place in composer?


For example, I want the upstairs lights to go on, then a little later have some of the downstairs lights go on.  Do I need to create separate agents for the different times that I want things to happen (on & off), or is there a way to do that as a single vacation mode scheduling?

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If you're on current enough firmware - there's a driver developed by C4 that does this for you, learning your habits and reproducing it when active.


If you feel like programming it - no as it has to be tied to separate schedule events. Certainly possible - but unless you're THAT specific - the Mockuppancy driver makes this SO much easier.

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