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Autonomic MMS-2A v4 Drivers

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I upgraded the HC800 to 2.8.  I download the latest Control4 drivers for the Mirrage MMS-2a from Autonomic.  I have it set up and working but for the life of me I can not figure out how to send a command to MMS-2a.  The command would be RecallPreset "Opie Radio" ... this is a SirusXM favorite.  The v3 of the driver you could select the service driver and the command option was there that you could type in what you wanted sent to the MMS.


I have attached a screen shot of composer.  I just need to figure out that next line


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I guess I should added to the first post is that I am trying to program a keypad button.  The v3 of the Autonomic drivers when you selected a service driver (Spotify, SirusXM, ect) you could choose "command" in the Actions pane and type your command that you wanted to send to the MMS-2a.  In this case the programming to send when the user pushed button 3 was:

  1. Select "Service Provider" as the audio source in "Room"
  2. Send command -- RecallPreset "Opie Radio"

The selected favorite station would begin to play.


 I can execute the commands from telnet session with MMS-2a to ensure accuracy before I program in Composer.  I just can not figure out with v4 drivers how to send those commands.

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