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Lounge/Cinema - Programming SC-260 to Auto Change Rooms


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Hi All, 


I have a lounge with a Projector and for ease I have them as two separate rooms, with Custom Buttons to transfer the Picture to the Alternative Room, when we need it, only ever the odd film at the weekend, and Rugby match with the lads. 


The only snag I have is when I transfer the In-Room SR-260 will obviously stay on the room it was last assigned to, and then you have to go through changing the room through the list button. 


Is there anyway to program through Composer to auto change the location of the remote? 


Would win me some serious brownie points with the misses. 



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Cyknight, I have the same situation - TV on the wall that is usually used and for movies, a projection screen that drops down in front - my programmer set it up as two rooms.  What does the new driver from Control4 do and what is it called?  I would like to remove the two separate rooms and make it easier for my family to figure out how to switch back and forth.



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