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Looking for a thermostat


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I have an old C4 thermostat that is dying (frequntly power cycles for no reason and behavior is erratic [sometimes I will need to bump up the temperature 4 degrees before it starts to call for heat)]).  Anyway, I want to replace it before it dies and I'm unable to get my furnace to run.  I've read that the Nest has a poor API and so integration with C4 isn't so great.  I can't even find a price on a new C4 thermostat, so I don't know what they cost.  In any case, do people recommend just getting another C4 tstat?  Or is there another manufacturer I should look at?


I'm not doing anything 'special' with my heating/cooling.  I have a humidifier installed on the furnace that has its own sensor, so it will periodically switch on the fan so that it can add moisture to the home when its own sensor calls for it.  My understanding is that this can operate independently of everything else (thermostat).  If there is a need for heat while the fan is running under the direction of the humidifier, then the fan and humidifier shut off and the burner goes through its regular cycle.


Is the correct procedure to just get the new t-stat installed and operating and then get an integrator involved?




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