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Best pool controller for C4


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I don't know the best. I've got pentair equipment that can be integrated with c4, but I've yet to plop down the hundreds of dollars to make it work. as lipavisual noted, jandy works too. in fact, I think c4 only supports jandy and pentair. it would be nice to see what can actually be done with the integration.


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I've done some pool automation in the past using an RCS thermostat with a pool water sensor. I used the FAN relay to control the pool pump through a 30A relay, and tied the HEAT relay to the "fireman switch" in the pool heater.

It's worked very well- allows many more options than the older Jandy or Pentair controllers (although they've added more features in the last few years).

I can see the pool status and temperature anywhere, preset pool heating in advance of a party, and monitor water temperature without needing to run the pump constantly.

With a second thermostat, I could also control a solar pool heater. I put the thermostat in a raintight RainBird box next to the pool equipment, so the Pool Man can operate it too.

THis was done through a JDS StarGate, but it should work just as well with the C4 thermostats, if you can find a good way to mount the C4 remote outdoor temp sensor, or an equivalent one. RCS used to offer a sensor that mounted directly to the return water pipe.

I haven't played much with the C4 thermostat programming options, but this should work tha same as it does with the RCS. Just switch the FAN MODE between AUTO and ON to run the filter schedules, and turn the thermostat mode to HEAT to start the heater. Make sure you set a delay so that when the thermostat mode changes to OFF, the fan stays in ON mode for at least 20 minutes to avoid overheating the pool heater.

This might be possible with the CardAccess units, too . . .

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