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Programming Double Tap/Toggle


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I have an instance where I have three keypad dimmers  in a master bed that control end table lamps.

1 - Entry KP turns both lamps on (Activate lamps scene), one button "Lamps"

1 - Left lamp KP - toggles left lamp - one button "Lamp"

1- Right lamp KP - toggles right lamp - one button "Lamp"

The entry keypad works fine activating the "Lamps" scene on/off. I can turn each lamp off with thier respective kp (Left & Right).


The issue i have is I want to add a double tap on the right and left kp "Lamp" button to toggle the "Lamps" scene. So it will either turn off both lamps or turn on both lamps so the owner can turn both lights on or off from one side of the bed if needbe. 

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Ok, so If I am programming only a double tap I need to remove the connection for "Lamp" to turn on/off the lamp it is associated with and under programming program the single press to do this? 

Yeah. Do everything in taps. You cant use both together

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