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Television Control in the Navigator

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I am new to Control4, and have a question on what and how can I configure the control of my Televisions in the C4 Navigator. I know how to setup a driver, for which I have assigned different IR commands control using the TV remote control, but I still cannot make sense of a few things.

In Composer/System design, when I double click on the Televisions, I have the screen below with the grey background. When I go in the Navigator, I have the screen below with the black background.

Would you be able to tell me how can we program the actions of all the buttons we see, and are these screens customizable?

One thing which I do not understand is that in the Navigator, I can see the following buttons which are not in my Driver list of Codes: CC, Guide, Page Up, Page Down. The other buttons are working as per the IR codes I have defined in the Drivers, so I would expected to see these buttons listed...

In the screen with the Grey background that I see in Composer/System design, there is the On/Off button which are not in my Driver code list....





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When you double click on it in composer thats called "control/control" and only used for testing very basic stuff to make sure the codes work. 

Depending on the driver for the tv, these buttons usually already have codes assigned to them. If you need to edit them, there's a run through on how to do that with composer pro on the control4 training website through the dealer login.

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