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Heating integration of Wirsbo T-stats - possible ?


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In our location in NA we have a underfloor electrical heating which we would like to integrate into Control4.

Since we live on the other side of the pond things are a little difficult as many thing are quite different compared to Europe and we usually try to prepare as good as possible in advance because it's a "not so easy to get stuff to the location".

What I figured out so far is that we have a Wirsbo thermostat (so likely also a Wirsbo heating system underneath) - PDF attached. I once switched my thermostats over here to Heatmiser Neo which was very easy (just replace the box, wiring was identical)

So my question to all guru's out there:

Is that Wirsbo thermostat a common model and is it easy integrate int C4 (i.e. Ecobee) or is there more work involved?


thx a lot


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Sure looks like a standard non-controllable thermostat.

i.e. no communication wiring separate from the thermostat wiring, no mention of WiFi, ZigBee, etc.

I'm guessing you can't use those thermostats and control the system, unless the Wirsbo controller itself has serial, WiFi, or Ethernet.



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No it surely can't be connected to C4.

We want to swap it with a new one that is compatible with C4.

We just don't know which ones are good choice in our setup with the electric underfloor heating and only 1 thermostat per floor for all rooms.

Does the current C4 one work with underfloor heating?

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What I did not recognize was that my system is low voltage with 24v, so the NuHeat won't work.

So from my research this leaves only Nest and Honeywell Lyric for radiant heating and low voltage.


Anyone have experience which one of those two is "better" or has serious flaws with C4 or any other thermostats I am missing here?




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