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Luxul XWR-1750


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Asus router is acting up.

looking at the luxul XWR-1750.

Does this integrate well with C4?

It looks like this router is $400. This is a lot more than the Asus but then again it's acting up.

Any thoughts on this router?


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It's a decent router, but pricey.

Hard to say if you'd need anything of the sort, in other words what the system needs.

I still look towards the Cisco RV042G (that G is important!) for most projects that aren't very large in size or have very specific needs.


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Thanks Cyknight...

well I decided to go ahead with the Luxul and this thing has great range and my speed is off the chart. 

On our 5G before 15/5 now 61/6. The Asus must have had series issues.

Hope last longer than the 2 1/2 years due to price...


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