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HTI Customs Roku Driver Updated

HTI Customs

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We are pleased to announce we have updated our Roku Driver.

We have added auto room on capabilities!

Very useful for the following use cases:

  • Start almost any app on you mobile device and cast it to your Roku and Control4 does the rest (tested with YouTube and Netflix)
  • Now a great android alternative to Apple AirPlay, just cast to the Roku and you get mirroring from your tablet or phone (display and audio) play your own spotify playlist, pandora account ect. Just as you would AirPlay. No rooting or 3rd party apps to simulate AirPlay.
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Nice feature.

However, what versions of android did you test it on?  I updated, but I can't "cast to" the Roku...android doesn't see it.  I can see my other play to devices but not the Roku.

Tried Netflix and YouTube app as well just in case.  Same thing.

Android compatibility issue?



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