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  1. If you pm me with your details I will login to the project and get you squared away.
  2. Yes. It should. If the appropriate mini apps are installed and bound to to TV driver it will reflect on the UI. Which version of the driver are you on?
  3. There is support for the other Roku driver. We just updated it to mirror the functionality and features we put into the RokuTV driver. However we highly recommend using the proper TV driver.
  4. We have released an all new RokuTV driver which uses a TV proxy. Uses Control4 mini apps and will track and select the appropriate icon and app name on navigator (touchscreen, Android, iOS ect) remotes will only reflect app name. This is a "universal" RokuTV driver. Meaning it works with virtually ALL RokuTVs. Confirmed manufacturers: Sharp Hisense TCL Insignia https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/roku-tv-ip/
  5. I believe that's already in our launch pack. If it's not. We will add it in. We are added a few more requested custom channels.
  6. Yes Connections should be as follows: Video end point : fake tv Video Audio endpoint: AVR Video Volume: AVR sources into AVR > AVR OUT to appropriate HDMI input on "ROKU MATRIX" > HDMI OUT of "ROKU MATRIX" to fake tv local sources into "ROKU MATRIX" into appropriate HDMI inputs Optical audio out of "ROKU MATRIX" to appropriate input of AVR. It really is no different than any other setup with the exception of adding a "FAKE TV" to bind the "ROKU MATRIX" to and make the "FAKE TV" the video endpoint
  7. Ok so I just confirmed making video endpoint the fake tv as described in documentation and all other endpoints for the room bound to the avr it will work as you would expect / as it should. Haven't had to reselect anything.
  8. That, I'm unsure of. Let me do some testing and see if I can reproduce. Director should handle the pathing and not so much our driver.
  9. This would be connected as it normally would in composer. Devices connected to AVR, HDMI output from AVR to Roku, optical to AVR, AVR would be video audio endpoints as well as the volume endpoints.
  10. Thank you @rea we appreciate the feedback. Bad or Good.
  11. We have gotten down to the bottom of the external inputs bug. We will be releasing an update later today to address this.
  12. Zaphod, Are you the end user or installer. Could you tell me the version number of the driver. This sounds like an issue in a previous version we resolved
  13. Going to the "Roku matrix" is expected behavior. As you are not ever controlling Netflix and such you are always controlling the Roku. So it doesn't "revert back" it goes to where is supposed to. I hope that that makes sense. With controlling your Joey. It should switch to HDMI 2 and control from a remote perfectly fine. As for the now playing screen. Which is what your issue seems to be. This is an issue that ONLY affects iOS devices. This has been brought to Control4's attention on several occasions. And is out of our control. And if you use an SR remote you will have no issues.
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