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  1. FYI Amazon is now showing 4.0 released for those of you with FireTV
  2. Perhaps there is valid legal concern, but the weather station driver DID have all those alerts prior to the deprecation of WU. Those were specifically programmable against and are still listed in the documentation (with a call out that they no longer work, but they are listed in detail).
  3. Really if they'd just put back the weather alerts function in the core driver it would meet a lot of use cases out there. While I agree local PWS is a major plus, not having the weather alerts is a big pain, especially since they are also free from NWS on your SAME / FIPS / COUNTY RSS feed.
  4. Thanks @videostorm. What's the C4 driver version so I can check? I just reloaded these a couple of weeks ago. My Netplay Manager is also showing V2.6.3 and when I update that's where it sits. Thanks!
  5. Hi @videostorm is this functionality now native with Netplay Home customers or do we have to install the splashtiles app on our netplay decoders and use the cloud instance?
  6. There are tons of dealers here who can likely help. There are also replacement button kits all over ebay at any given time.
  7. i have a couple fan speed controller white.. customer bought low voltage fans, so they didnt work for the application $100 each

    1. poisenoire


      Hi - thanks for letting me know.  Do you know if down the road there are color changing kits for these like the other keypads?  These will go in 3-4 gang locations with all Light Almond




    2. c4toys


      fan controller have the same buttons as the rest on the lighting lineup, should be no problem

  8. Finishing up the retrofit of my old system to the new house. Looking for QTY 3 Fan speed controllers, prefer white or Light Almond Also needing a second Z2IO Welcome used on any of the above! Thanks
  9. will have to check this out. Still love my Elk M1G, and used to use a prior driver I think you helped develop Alan (another company) but currently use the C4 native.
  10. I used the "old" and free TCP driver in the past to do just that: severe weather alerts. I just ran Node-Red on an old Pi that would query whatever I wanted (in this case an API for my own weather system), then would fire the TCP event #1-15 based upon the severe weather alert notice. I then had custom announcements setup correlating to the weather alert and the programming was simply based upon "if TCP driver receives 1, play announcement 1" Is there a "new" tcp events driver? Thought the old one broke back in 2.6 or something like that
  11. Greetings, Need to reconfigure some areas on an admittedly old lighting system. Need at least 4 two-button keypads to deal with several 3-way and 4-way areas and not enough keypads. These would be in a system with primarily LDZ-102-x series switches (on Pro, though). Open to any compatible models, not looking to upgrade to KPD with aux switches in these areas. Thanks
  12. Reviving an old thread, but I'd be interested in this as well. Lately my C4 Total Comfort driver has been very flaky. Debug says it is refreshing and updating but it goes out of sync with the Honeywell Tsats after about an hour and I have to reboot the controller to get it to work again.
  13. Hi forum, I've got a CMX1616A2 with the NAB ethernet / netplay audio board option that I will no longer be using in my new install. This unit was purchased around mid-late 2016 and was used in my home. Very good condition and no issues. Sadly our new house won't allow for solid centralized audio. Asking $350 plus shipping but open to offers. I'll be posting a C4 matrix amp (the original - oldie but works well) later. Thanks
  14. I have this same experience - so how are you that are using the current driver getting your PWS info? I have an API key (updated after the change) and prior to all this was using a PWS for many years successfully. I simply can't get the driver to allow me to input my API key, it continues to revert back to C4.
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