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  1. I will probably take you up on that offer. 🤘🏻
  2. If we only knew who the dealer was, I totally would. I just figured you guys might have spares you could sell with the word Scene 1 on it, since Scene 1 seems pretty generic.
  3. Does anyone have a replacement button that says Scene1 for this panel?
  4. Thats what I thought. Are there any big benefits going to v3 vs 2.10 aside from a cleaner looking app?
  5. The previous owners of our new house decided to take the receivers with them when they moved. So If anyone has any, let me know. I have B-520-EXT-230-RS transmitters installed in the rack. Thanks! Jeff
  6. Thanks, i will just keep this one as spare parts for the one that’s working I guess.
  7. I got it up and running using the V1 image updater loaded 2.9.1 and it popped right up. Now it looks like the sensitizer is not working as it should, so I might be taking this apart. Anyone got parts for a c4-tsmc7-en-bl?
  8. So it is running 2.2.0 and my project is 2.9.1 any way to update this easily?
  9. I got it to come up in system manager, so I’ll just keep at it and post up how I fixed it, if I do in fact get it working again.
  10. I can see it on my network, but I can’t tell what version its on.
  11. that’s about all they are worth i think
  12. I have a 7” touch screen c4-tsmc7-en-bl that’s stuck on the Connecting. Press and Hold for Configuration, which it will not let me press and hold for configuration or i’d join the network, director and be done. I have also left it wired in the dock as well which does nothing. I do have an IP when it boots before that screen. Any suggestions?
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