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Looking for Good Integrator in Salt Lake City

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Can anyone recommend a good integrator in Salt Lake City, Utah? 

I have had C4 in my home since 2009 and recently the dealer I have had a relationship with seems to have lost their best and perhaps only knowledgeable installer.  I don't get the feeling that the remaining individual at the company knows what they are doing when it comes to programming or installation.  In May, I bought a MR7010 from them and upgraded my cable to Xfinity X1.  I physically installed the 7010 and a week later the installer came out.  He upgraded my project to 2.8.2, installed the MR7010 drivers added drivers for Xfinity X1.  

Immediately after the installer left my system was not functioning properly (of course I waited a day to allow all the devices to finish updating); audio zones are missing, devices are not set up properly, TV no longer turns on, my 3 button light switches and remote are either completely unresponsive, lagging, or only partially functional.  I emailed my dealer with a detailed list of things that didn't seem to be working properly since the transition/upgrade and it has been almost 3 months now with no follow up visit, I have called and texted several times with requests to get my system back to the way it was before the latest install and upgrade but 3 months later no one has actually showed up.

I believe the person at this dealer now doing installs either does not know what they are doing, or does not have the time or desire to actually do the job right.  My project has become so unreliable and unusable that my family has stopped using the rooms with C4 running the show or have resorted to controlling everything manually or with individual remotes. I am seriously considering abandoning C4 and trying something different.  My last ditch effort to save my investment in this system is to hope this is just an installer/programmer deficiency, which I believe it is.

I control 2 rooms with A/V setups, one is a home theater with 5 A/V devices and a MR7010 receiver, the other room is very basic with TV and DVD player.  I have a mix of 19 2 button and 3 button light switches.  I have 2 audio zones, one in the theater room and one on my patio (wired to my 7010).  I currently have an HC800 and a HC500 running ZigBee, two SR250's.  Any recommendations for a frustrated C4 user?

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2 hours ago, frostatio01 said:


My name is Coleman Radford. I am the local rep for Control4. Please feel free to email me at cradford@control4.com

We would like to help find a resolution ASAP. 

Hope to talk soon, 


Good stuff.  Always proper to see this type of response.

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Thanks frostatio01,

I was able to contact Control4 through the customer advocacy process and they offered several options for dealers.  I was able to visit a few shops and I believe I have found one that will be able to help.  Thank you for the response.


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