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Looking to get a couple drivers


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I worked with my local dealer and he knew I was on a budget. He got my going with the equipment I already had (got an hc800 and 4 channel amp off here). He basically got me going and said I can expand as I get more ideas and equipment.

He's a little less than an hour drive away, but doesn't want to do "little things" and he said it makes more sense for him if i come back when I have a list of updates

Can anyone on here add a few drivers for me? ...Sonos, EDS MyQ, Ecobee 

Is it hard to change between dealers for work?

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Big thanks to @dcovach on helping me get a few drivers installed and setup. He went above and beyond and restored my faith in this dealer only model. Quick and helpful to see what I wanted and make a solution.

I'd recommend him for remote work to others and will look to work with him more in the future

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