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  1. When is C4’s cedia update?
  2. I have mine set at the highest brightness, but then use a “house off” macro that is set on one of the color buttons or the remote to make sure all lights are off/doors are locked and sets the backlights to black. Then, at 7:30am the backlights come on again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Got my items today, as described. Thank you!
  4. I don’t really have any lighting scenes in my house. Adding on/off commands to the 4 led strips individually fixed my problem.
  5. Another example, I am looking at a JVC projector. They are also sold through dealers (outdated or not) and dealers cannot advertise below a certain price. This seems more and more common the higher-end you go for the purpose of support of your product. If you want quality and support, it doesn't come fighting for the lowest price.
  6. You have me interested in moving over to Rachio with all your water savings. Are there a lot of accessories you use to help save water? Will I see savings with smart watering out of the box just swapping the controller? My rainbird has a seasonal adjust on the schedule but I don’t feel like it does too much and the rain sensor takes a lot for it to really turn off the scheduled watering Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks. I thought I’d try out a lighting scene here since the four lights always work together, but finally switched it to on/off commands and it finally works consistently.
  8. [mention]Elvis [/mention]I got a system installed last year and the installer typically always used rainbird. So, I went with what he was comfortable with. It is an ESP-ME3 with WiFi module, are you familiar with this version? You can take pictures of the programs, not sure about zones, but zones are re-namable and so far it’s been pretty decent for it’s first season of use. Keeping an eye on this thread, but not sure it’s worth to make the change any time soon
  9. Not sure if it is my inexperience with lighting scenes or the yeelight driver, but I have 4 cabinet lights I want to link as a scene that toggles 100% on/ 100% off from the keypad in my kitchen. Has anyone seen where a light visually looks off, but it registers as 1% on? I think that is confusing my active/deactivate scene
  10. I have been happy with a simple sensor/timer switch from HD for the shower fan. I set it to stay on an extra 15 minutes after we’re done to make sure it’s dry and it’s super simple. Used a decora switch for the shower light. Sensor got thrown off by my glass shower door so still got a C4 dimmer for the walk-in closet and keypad dimmer for vanity light that also controls bathroom ceiling speakers. Interested to see what others do and wish there was a multi-load solution.
  11. Question for someone who recently got engraving done. Does it include a full replacement of the top and bottom sections? I have one that the clear piece fell out for the light sensor and and one that is somehow chipping off Will be useful if we decide to change the colors with engraving too
  12. They make it sound so easy, but I haven't actually tried this out yet
  13. Usually my kwikset lock is pretty straight forward and reliable Trying to setup a new user code for the pet sitter over the holidays and getting this error
  14. Sometimes the command to lock or condition to trigger the lights to turn on doesn't work. I wanted to confirm the similar looking drivers in my project were being used correctly. Right now I am using the two scenarios against the Kwikset and it works *most* of the time. Is using the "living room lock" option correct in this programming, or should I be using the Kwikset lock driver option instead?
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