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  1. I have an ecobee. It integrates well and the newer ones look even more slick with Alexa / Spotify built in.
  2. Was thinking about this recently and saw a comment in the "best of" thread about a rental property Is there a use case where you have added control4 to a rental property you manage (not you as a tenant). A property we recently bought had an ADT touchscreen, door/window sensors, and ecobee marketed as a "smarthome". We don't have any of it really hooked up because the tenant would have internet/electric and everything in their name which might be a non-starter for control4 too Anyone doing this?
  3. Thanks. Macro looks more efficient. Main problem is getting the Spotify playlist to work now. There is no easy way to select Spotify playlist like pandora channels with Spotify connect
  4. I'm trying to update a keypad button to loop through playlists. I believe my logic to loop between 2 is fine, but I've never used a spofity playlist for a keypad button before. The documentation in composer says to hold down the button while the driver is playing and it will automatically link to the playlist. Any insight on how to get this to work? Also, could someone answer the difference between stop and break? I think I get them confused every time.
  5. I switched to a C4 lock this weekend (thanks @dcovach 😁 ), but my original lock always needed to be pushed in while latching the deadbolt. I had a handyman swap out the locks and it was just a matter or re-adjusting the deadbolt plate on the door frame. Handyman probably had it done within a half hour total and adding it to control4 was a matter of a few buttons. I've also had to adjust the hinges after moving in (it was a new house), but these are small adjustments and it should be back aligned.
  6. Tunein is a digital sound. Is the audio outputting from the HDMI of the EA5 and delayed vs the analog to the other rooms? I solved this by using the analog out to feed into my matrix Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Wanted to make a thread to post any deals spotted for C4 or C4 integrated gear or drivers Personally, I might be in the market to finally pick up some smart outlets
  8. I believe the EA1 is the more future-proof upgrade, but similarly to the HC800 you *could* do an HC250 behind the TV to replace the HC200 Those being your two options, I think you’re still better off getting the newer EA1
  9. Did they give any reason for the forecast adjustment in the earnings report?
  10. Mines in a coat closet and I ended up adding a return air to the unfinished basement below and tied it into the furnace. It worked well enough on its own I didn’t have to add an inline fan.
  11. So, as someone who’s not an investor or customer what are you trying to accomplish? Convincing people on the forum of control4’s demise seems unlikely.
  12. Picked up some outdoor string lights for my patio at Costco. Is there a smart outlet that would be outdoor rated to use with something like this so I can have more control than just plugging and unplugging them every time?
  13. Go on... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Anything to migrate if we already have the blackwire driver?
  15. Thanks guys, got what I need! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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