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  1. Isn’t there a Chowmain driver for Nexus21? Is that what you’re referring to ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You've ignored incentives among other things. It's why many dealers (I accept you're very honest and not one of them) push Crestron and Savant over C4; they make more money on the hardware.
  3. for the 1000th time, it's not. We just disagree. Move on already
  4. Let's just end this. In no way did I prove everyone's point....from my perspective, you've proven mine. Just agree to disagree and move on!
  5. No. Dealers would just increase the price of aspect of the trade where they add value: design, integration, and service. Their relationship margin could stay the same Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Incredibly easy to argue the point from the perspective of many of us. Let’s just agree to disagree and let this thread die Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. yeah...the touchscreens seem bananas. We all know what those kind of LCD screens and ARM processors cost (i.e. not a lot). They're not even using state-of-the-art SOCs or displays (4k, 120hz etc)
  8. Sorry, have to say that dinner is $100. Good system (for arguments sake) is like $100k. As such, incentives key. What you're missing is the incentives. Incentives don't matter on $100 to the end user but they do on $100k. Most (smart) consumers want to know what's in the $100k. For $100 dinner, they either have a pretty good idea (because they know what lettuce costs since they have strong references for food but don't know what a matrix switch costs) or don't care becuase in absolute terms it doesn't matter on $100. Additionally, the critics and the video massively meets the point: it's not about paying dealers 7%....its about paying them for service not hardware because C4 did the hard work on the hardware...the dealer added little value on the anything hardware related. dealers should be paid (like I do in my business) on the value-add. And if they add lots of value, they ought to be paid a lot of money! But the value is in the planning, integration, and service (where there is TONS of value to add) not in secret hardware markup. If dealers provide awesome value (which I KNOW many folks on these forums do), all many of us are saying is : breakout the hardware from the integration/design/service etc and charge on the latter not the former as transparecy is great and keeps everyone honest. All that said, C4 has a certain business model which "requires" dealers to mark things up. I'm saying that's unfortunate but I also respect the fact that this is waht they (and Savant, Crestron, Lutron etc) hae decided to go evidently and that's not the dealers' fault. Say what you want but PLEASE stop criticizing me for suggesting dealers/integrators don't do awesome work and should make no money (as the video suggests). I think they do great and valuable work AND I think they have every right in the world to charge top dollar (whatever that is) for that great work....THEIR work To the extent everyone gets that the video is NOT AT ALL what I'm saying but it simply funny, I agree! It's hilarious and I can take a good joke (just remember it doesn't apply to me)
  9. The company started with screens and now is producing shades. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Anyone have experience with Screen Innovations shades? Curious how they compare (pricing, functionality, warranty) to Crestron, Lutron, Qmotion et. al. Can't find much in the way of comparisons on line. Thanks!
  11. Said I wouldn't reply but I figured saying "thanks" and that I appreciate your comment here doesn't count Apologies if I ruffled any feathers. Again, that's a mighty kind response and it's sincerely appreciated
  12. How obnoxious of YOU. I was not prescriptive about TOTAL margins - I was speaking solely of hardware margins. I intentionally never said what constituted well-compensated. I'm not some idiot who's not world-wise. I showed you respect. You've shown me zero. And it's ridiculous to pretend that many of the comments here have been helpful. Some have...others haven't been. Over and over again I said I respect integrators/dealers and acknowledged their expertise. I have nothing more to say on this. I suggest you do the same.
  13. A lot of the comments from first-time responders weren't so respectful or kind...please recognize that. (e.g. comments like "does OP understand what overhead is? Does OP understand that selling C4 equipment is different than selling a gallon of milk?" are obnoxious when I repeatedly acknowledged dealers/integrators deserve to be well compensated for their expertise well in excess of 5% hardware margins). Thanks for your helpful offer (I mean that sincerely). I will take a look in for-sale forum.
  14. Please read more carefully what I wrote. You seems to be implying I think dealers should make 3-5% on hardware and nothing else. Over and over and over again I painstakingly explained I respect dealer/integrators and want them to be paid handsomely for their value added services. You’ve given me zero credit for being positive towards C4 and the folks that help integrate it. I’ve even thanked people repeatedly for their helpful comments. What’s not helpful is to miss the point that I was asking a fair question about how to buy hardware efficiently. I never ever said dealers/integrators can’t do awesome work and be rewarded for it. Your answer unfairly neglects to point out I strongly believe dealers/integrators our to be well paid in excess of 5-7% hardware margins. Be fair and respectful of me and my points as I have to others when they were kind and helpful Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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