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  1. Glad to hear all went well and Congrats to you!!!! Yes, I'd like to purchase it. I sent you a PM earlier with my phone number. Let me know if you didnt receive it.
  2. Congratulations!!! Best of luck!! I can wait. Let me know when you're back and we can finalize. Best!! Barry
  3. I have a budget of $400.00. Of course I will cover shipping.
  4. Anyone have a C4-16S2 Audio Matrix Switch They would like to sell?
  5. A customer is running 2.10.6. He has some old dimmers he wanted to add to the project. I couldn't find the drivers for them Did C4 eliminate the ability to add older dimmers in 2.10?
  6. Having a problem with an upgrade. Getting this message. Successfully obtained update version information from web service: 1 update version(s) available Unable to authorize update. Connection to the authentication server failed: licenseUrl = https://services.control4.com/Security/v1_0/Licensing.asmx?wsdl, targetVersion =, myVersion =, myCommonName = control4_ea5_000FFF1D0022, rc = 28 Anyone know what causes this?
  7. Is there a best practice for changing owners (New Homeowner) for an existing C4 System?
  8. Very good point. The 12V trigger is the way to go. Thank you.
  9. It's not a nexus lift and I believe the Chowmain driver is for IP controlled lifts but I could be wrong.
  10. Has anyone been successful with automating a TV lift with C4? I see they have an older generic driver for this but wondering if I can actually use one of the experience drivers. Will have a contact sensor to show the state of the lift. Want to open the lift when the TV comes on and close it when the room goes off. The lift does have an IR control. It's a Whisper Lift XL Pro. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!
  11. Just tried to change the presets on a C4 V2 Thermostat. The temperature setting is missing in the driver under presets. Can't save a new preset either. Has anyone seen this? Tried through several interfaces and several of the thermostats.
  12. I tried the Room Control driver. I added all the zones (rooms), linked the volume keypads (up and Down) but it did not work. Looked like a great concept but not sure what I did wrong.
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