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  1. Electronic Systems Technician in the southeast Michigan area wanted. Contact careers@go-cybernet.com A long term full-time position is open for a person willing to work hard and develop additional skills in the field of custom electronic installation and integration. • Work includes design, installation, and service for: o Low-voltage infrastructure wiring o A/V electronics o Wired and wireless IP networks o Burglar alarm systems o Analog and IP CCTV o Home automation systems• Work includes residential, commercial and outdoor installation and service. • Work includes new construction, remo
  2. I am partial to Cybernet Solutions near Novi. ...for obvious reasons.
  3. Does playlist exporting from mediamonkey work for 2.x systems with this script?
  4. Did you have success using the updated MediaMonkey script? Did you have any success with a 2.0 system? I see the content in the xml file, but 2.0 seems to just import a blank playlist.
  5. 1st off, great tool. It looks like you accept only up to 3 playlists on your website. That is kinda limiting, but then I noticed that you can combine resulting xml files, by just copy/pasting in Notepad the playlist encapsulated in the <album></album> tags over to the xml file you plan on importing.
  6. Can't get the link to work in Firefox or IE. "Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated. Go back"
  7. I just posted an IR driver that uses the Audiotron as a Internet Radio "Tuner". I utilize Favorites 1-16 and then Presets A-D as Channels 0-19 on the "tuner". I then add my Net Stations manually to the media panel as UHF/VHF channels with the "audio only" checked. So I can select my Net Radio stations from my Radio button on the Navigator.
  8. I don't know if replacing the whole background with a completely different color scheme would be very easy with the current process, because you would have to replace and recreate all the icon images. from poking around it looked like they were just squares that had the backsplash image built into them so that they would blend in withthe backsplash, they were not transparent images overlaid ont he backsplash image. I'm not saying its not possible, but probably a heck of a lot easier with some sort of theme tool that control4 has been hinting at. i'm interested if anyone has found that I'm wr
  9. We will be using a Unicom POE-32008T 8 Port Power over Ethernet Injector Hub for an installation with multiple MTS's. I will update if we have any problems. I mention for anyone using ADI distribution, you should be able to get it through them. Unicom also has a single POE injector. I have NOT used it yet. Any feedback from anyone on this model?
  10. I had a problem similar to this recently, where the navigator screen would not respond to my system remote once music started playing even though i could control the function like play, pause, skip forward, skip back, etc. I had to press the 4 button to get any control of the navigator back. This was due to my setting my endpoints wrong. I had my Video, Audio and Video's Audio endpoint for the room set to my TV. the Audio endpoint should have been set to my HTC. I had gotten confident with programming and was doing pretty much everything manually outside of the wizards. Once I changed th
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