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vera, mi casa, wink, etc.


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Putting in a new system, an ea1, ea5, 16amp3b, etc.  I'm putting in several new kd120s but I also have a couple old GE Zwave switches and zwave deadbolts. 

From searching the forum, it seems that none of the new EA systems support Zwave, but have drivers.  So if I want to use some of my old stuff, I need to add a hub.  If this is true, is there one that is recommended to work best with C4?


The wink is cheap, the mi casa is more expensive, yet all of the reviews seem to love the Wink.


Thanks for the help.

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Yes, it would be true (at least at this time) that you wouldn't be able to use the devices you have 'natively'.

As for which to use, the Vera has been perfectly fine as such - cannot speak for the Wink though.


Note that the Vera driver is via C4 - so free, Wink is 3rd party and paid - you'd have to consider that into the price comparison.

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