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I have a question about the following LCD keypads:

KPE-10B1 - Power over Ethernet version

KPZ-10B1 - Wireless version

Are they essentially the same, except the KPE lets you do PoE? Basically, how many cat5e runs to I have to send to each of these in order for it to work? Is it:

KPE: 1 cat5e for networking, 1 for power, or is it just 1 cat5e for both? Do you have to do PoE or can you do regular power?

KPZ: Can this only connect directly to the power grid?


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The PoE version uses a single CAT5 cable, with a PoE injector at the other end (either built into your ethernet switch or a standalone PoE injector). It is slightly faster, as it retrieves it's data over (relatively) speedy ethernet.

The Wireless version can be wired either directly to 110V or with a Low-Voltage option, with Control4's low-voltage power supply. It communicates over Zigbee, so it's a tad bit slower than the PoE version, basically a Control4 remote with a larger screen and scroll wheel.

If you can run the CAT5, the PoE version is preferable, for the speed as well as not having to get into the 110V or special low-voltage PS. Also, if you have a CAT5 in the location, you could later upgrade to a Mini-Touch or 7" in-wall touchpanel, which also have PoE versions.


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