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Switch leds, defaults and odd behavior


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Hey guys, got a few questions I would love confirmations on and some questions about odd led light switch behavior 

  1. my assumption is that overall global led switch behavior is controlled under the home tab and default lighting settings, correct?
  2. Is there another place they are controlled or just there for global? it seems that global variables can be over written by setting controls per switch and that seems to work fine on normal switches but some switches seem to dim down after a few seconds to dark. My assumption here as that this issue is in the settings per switch. I see an "apply to" that allows one to set the switch settings for dimming but I don't see a global way to See this.  In other words is there a global switches settings panel where u can see settings for keypads, single switches and overall dimming settings?
  3. default values. Is there common settings that most use like "programmed" then blue when on red when off? the biggest prblem I have right now is the keypads not seeming to be consistently colored even tho the settings seem the same individually. I have a good number of them.  It sure would be nice to see them all at once as opposed to having to open and check each one. 

Thanks guys

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