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  1. Hi Guys, So Ari fixed the driver login issue that was created by the new C4 software for the EPIC Google driver but since then the driver does not work the same at all.. I had all the voice commands setup and working fine but now anything that has the word light in it along with many other commands just turn on everything in the room where as before this fix for the login issue everything worked fine.... Here is some examples: Downstairs lights use to run a command to turn on a custom scene with a few lights downstairs but everything in the room just comes on instead. This also happens in every room... Not only that but it seems that now many of the commands in general don't work that use to. Its almost like Google lost their ability to to be term specific correctly or there is something in the driver not working right. Ari says they only had an issue with the login... Anyone else seeing this same issue? Just curios?
  2. Hi Guys, I got Josh appliance and love it but I would love to see some code samples of what you guys are doing with this and your bringing In other Scenes into C4 using a Virtual driver? As it stands right now I am using the Chipsal_232 Driver. I will post some samples here too but I thought a new thread with Coding ideas and examples might be good. Thanks guys Josh sent this to me earlier and this is what I use right now but I think you guys might have some other thoughts and samples of what your doing HomeKit does not currently support any *native* AV system modules. So you can't represent a TV as a "TV" in HomeKit. What you *can* do is use virtual switches to turn things on and off, and that gives you some really powerful programming options. The general idea is that you use the Clipsal Legacy Relay Light V2 driver as a "hidden switch" in C4 and hide it from navigators. Then you use programming to set the switch state and receive commands from HomeKit. You can use programming to immediately turn the switch off after it's been turned on, to represent a "momentary press" (like changing channels on a TV, although that gets weird with Siri voice control, but does work well in the Home app). > > I use this myself to do things like: > > 1) Have a switch that represents my "Apple TV" view in my theater. I can say, "Hey Siri, turn on the Apple TV in the theater" and that turns on the "Apple TV" switch in the theater room. Then I use programming to select the video source and turn on the room appropriately. When the switch turns off, I turn the room off. > > 2) Start audio playback. I have a "Josh's Pandora" switch in the office. I can say, "Hey Siri, turn on Josh's Pandora in the Office" and it starts playing back my favorite Pandora channel. Turning off the switch turns the room off. > > 3) Use virtual switches for presence awareness. I have a "switch" for each person's device in the home. When Apple's "automations" triggers that a user is home or away, I turn their appropriate switch on or off. In iOS 11, they also have a "all users gone" or "first user home" state, which also has switches. I can then use programming to trigger C4 automations appropriately. > > 4) Setup trigger-based alarm clocks for the kids. I have an "alarm on" switch for each kid. At the appropriate wake-up time, if the alarm on switch is enabled, then it turns on the kids pandora stations in their rooms. I have a "Is Tomorrow A School Day" driver that links into my kid's school's calendar, and automatically sets the switches states based on whether each kid has school the next day. If one kid's alarm is on, then the parent's alarm also turns on. If both alarms are off, then the parent's alarm also turns off. This also lets me easily turn off the kids alarms if we get snow day notices. > > There's a lot of power to this system, if you get creative.
  3. Hi Guys, I have 3 Google homes and the EPIC C4 driver for sale. Let me know if interested.
  4. Thinking of playing with the nest e tstat. Anyone had experience with it and c4? Does the driver work.
  5. My mind is just in a fog on this: Whats going on here is that my volume with pandora and the TV menus' like Google play, etc... revert to the TV volume but cannot be controlled. I thought I was missing a binding that was once there. This just started happening all of a sudden? The TV volume etc. is going thru the yamaha receiver fine but not pandora, Google play, amazon video that is built into the TV. Input?
  6. That was it. I should have checked first. I just assumed I had the latest cause it was new. Thanks for the help
  7. Hi Guys, so i am testing the ARI Alexa driver and mine for comparison now and they seems to still be a limit on the #? Am I missing something?
  8. Just a quick update on Google home. I removed the driver and all previous setup, removed all homes (3 of them) and hue relationship to google then added back the driver and some scenes then reset hue back to work with Google via an Android tablet and it's back to working. No idea what happened or why but it looks like something got corrupted in the driver. It's working now but will keep u updsted should it changed. Now I will try out Ari's alexa driver
  9. Hey guys, got a WCS10A-2 new but it will not ID for anything... Any suggestions? So far: I have reset device pulling out battery holding ID button till light turns amber.... then wait 20 seconds or so and try to id by hitting id button 4 times... NO ID one time it did say this device had already been added to the garage but I have a contact switch in this garage. Why would it be getting confused? is there a way to change the channel or something? ' any ideas why no id? One thing I should mention is that the driver I am using is the WCS10A driver. There is no Version 2 driver that i can see
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