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  1. Well, I basically tried everything and nothing works. ARI was going to do team viewer with me. Lets see how that goes. The driver directions dont match up to anything. Not sure where they came from... Its certainly not IOS.
  2. Did this ever actually get fixed? I just lost all of my alexa programming and other seems to work. Running 3.12 on composer and the 200 version of epic and Alexa will not communicate with Epic driver.. Any ideas. Running all V2 alexa dots
  3. Anyone done this? It seems like a pretty simple system? I see where some have used switches but I specifically thinking of looking at the nuheat thermostats that have a driver for C4. Not sure exactly how the Delta therm flooring works. Thanks guys
  4. Thanks for the info. I love that driver know. Wish it would have been available years ago. LOL
  5. What I mean is that there is no to choose room entering a session
  6. Interesting...I tried that and could not seem to get that working. Will try that again.. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, When you start music in a room is there a best practice for turning the Music light switch on? It seems you have to call the switch color in programming each time you turn the room music on or off? Isn't there an easy way to say if session = Yes then turn the Music light switch color to green in bedroom? if so, I have not been able together it to work. It just seems logical that if you call music the color on the swith would turn on and off according to a valid session>>> Am I missing something? Thanks guys
  8. Hmm, let me ck driver updates but I think they are all up to date on the Sony. Right now the YouTube tv mini app cannot be controlled by the remote and it is bound. I even added a new youtube tv in another room and bound it there. Same result. No remote control but it does change to the YouTube tv
  9. Yes, the pausing is on the C4 GUI for playing pandora when displaying on the. All icons pause even room adds to the stream.
  10. Hi Guys, Got a couple of issues that I am not quite sure what to do. Could use some help... 1 - in one of my tv's when viewing the UI while playing music from one of the amps if you click on icons that allow you to thumbs up or add rooms it always pauses the music... Any ideas? 2 - the Universal Youtube tv mini app driver does not work with the remote ie.... the buttons wont work the youtube TV driver... It also shows the driver to be compatible with Sony tv's but the TV does not show as a binding option. It does on the LG tv... Thanks guys
  11. Yea, I thought about an APPLE TV. That has everything and works fine in another room. Just seems silly that all the tech this kinda think couldn't work. Is there no way to choose an output something like.... When living video is Netflix choose optical or HDMI Arc output? I did not see such at thing... Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, I need some help if possible. In programming LG mini apps to an LG tv I cannot seem to get audio to the mini apps (Via the receiver) even though I have bound them to the TV as your supposed to via mini app 1, 2, 3... HMDI ARC just seems to make it horribly inconsistent. ie.... works sometimes but sometimes not... Is there a trick to this where the audio would work thru the mini apps via the receiver. From what I have seen with HDMI arc that seems to be all over the place...Attached is my current programming... Thanks guys
  13. Ok guys, Just an update to help those that have an issue like this. There are 2 things that can cause the Apps NOT to show up in your room. 1 - Select the room your in then click navigator and be sure that the apps you want to see if in watch/listen section or visible. (I knew this but just helping others) 2 - this one can be tough. If the binding is missing for the audio or video the pandora / Netflix will not show up with no binding from what I see. My issue was the binding
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