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Driver for Philips Hue lightbulb integration?



HI all

New to the forums so apologies in advance for any rookie questions.  I am looking to have my Hue lightbulbs integrated with C4.  Is there an official driver from C4 for that or a free driver?  Between houselogix and thedriverslab, which of the third party Hue drivers is best?


thanks very much!

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Echo'ing the above.  There are two different base bridge drivers for the Hue  (2.0 - 2.8) and (2.9+)   along with the different lightbulb "drivers" .  Make sure you allot yourself plenty of time, get all your base controller codes up to date, ensure that the Hue Zigbee isnt conflicting with your C4 Zigbee (you can manually set the channels in the Hue App) and identify what you are trying to do before hand.  Dont treat Hue simply like C4 Lighting, its a bit different and can be confusing. 

LMK if you have any questions


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