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Trying to add lights back in to new project for Embernet upgrade



With thanks to everyone for all the help here I'm still slogging through trying to upgrade to Zigbee Pro in order to migrate my system to an EA5. Long story short, 2.5.3 and my complex project was crashing the HC300 so at the suggestion of t/s I've wiped the project, relfashed 2.5.3 and created a simple project -- just an HC300 and 10 lights at a time to get them into MiniApp mode. I'll then associate them to a new EA5 and rebuild my project.

Question: Is the Zigbee network I created with this new project Embernet-based or will it by default make a Zigbee Pro network? And if the latter, how do I force it to be Embernet so I can add all these Embernet devices?

If it is Embernet, then my devices are not Identifying with the 4-tap. Is there something I need to do to the device first to make it "forget" its association to my old project and identify to the new one? Or is an Embernet device always available to identify into a new project with 4 taps on the top?

Thanks all. Can't wait till I can stop bothering you all with these history lessons. :-)

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