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Embernet home stretch. Any tricks for the SR-250s?



With continued thanks for all the insight I'm happy to report that my stalled Embernet > ZP upgrade finally worked last night. The key for me was using Image Updater to install 2.5.3 and (more importantly) wipe the existing project from memory. I couldn't get my HC300 to complete the upgrades while running my project. When I cleared it and created a new project with only the HC300 I was able to get them upgraded a few at a time. All made it to MiniApp and I'm halfway through the second step to ZP.

All the dimmers and switches made it, so I'm now down to 3 SR-250s. I've rebooted them all and put in fresh batteries. I'veused the Off/#/* sequence to confirm they are on Embernet and I've been able to add them in to the Embernet Upgrade window using the bare bones project above. All three show in the pending list, but they all stay at Pending and 0%.

I've kept them awake for 20 minutes or so using occasionaly key presses, I've held them within a few inches of the HC300 and I've turned off my wifi to make sure it's not interfering.

If it's not to be it's not to be and this is a lot less worrisome to me than the prospect of scrapping 70 dimmers, but does anyone have any other tips or tricks I should try before giving up on them? Do they usually upgrade pretty seamlessly or is this a common problem?

Thanks again for all the help everyone!


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Do you mean leave the old Embernet network? I've rebooted them and done the RoomOff # * sequence, but if there's something else that does a fuller reset they didn't mention it on my t/s call. If you mean leaving the Zigbee Pro mesh then these haven't ever been on that.

Thanks for the help!

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