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My answer to overflowing audio from an AVR room to zo

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So I have been playing around a lot with my family room/kitchen room. As you can see the family room and kitchen/breakfast areas are very close together and a majority of the time I want them to act as 1 zone, but the ability to separate them is also nice just because why not. Family room is 5.1 and I have the surround back RCA preout plugged into my 16ch matrix. Here is what I did and it seems to work great for my needs.



1.     Family room power state- string variable, also changes a status experience button green/red so I can visually see the sate of the variable from a tp without needing to use composer

2.     Kitchen overflow- string variable


Family room:

When room state changes it updates family power state variable because I didn’t like having to think about true/false. On/off is just easier for me to keep track of


When the power state changes it updates the experience buttons color and fires the appropriate macro to put the kitchen into slave mode if conditions are met


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Well screen shot uploads are bugging and the little one is up from his nap so I will have to upload them later but here is the text breakdown and I will fill those in later, sorry



Kitchen Overflow on- turns kitchen zone off and hard routes the signal from the preout through the system. Wanted to keep the room off when in this mode since it really isn’t on and is put into a slave mode



Kitchen Overflow off- turns kitchen off and un does the force routing of the above then turns the amp output off so the amp is not on for no reason




When turned on it sets the overflow variable to off since it is now playing something separate from the family room



When turned off, if family is on it will put the kitchen back into slave mode or kill amp output based on what is desired



Also there are custom buttons/google home commands to manually put the kitchen in/out of overflow mode to fire the macros above. Scheduler puts overflow variable back to on every morning to default family room to always overflow until kitchen is turned on or other command brings it back out of that mode.


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@sonic30101I finally had some free time this weekend to sift through what you're doing here. Using the pre-outs is a good idea, but seems a little limited since you can't control volume in the kitchen with this setup. The kitchen overflow variable flips on 

Where is the "HDMI AUDIO OUT: ON" coming from? What's that a toggle from?

Media room is just where your amp/matrix is?

Do you have your breakfast/kitchen always acting as one zone? If not this count get even more complicated it seems like.

I'm still trying to tweak what you're doing here.

Thanks for this! I think this is the only hope for my HDMI delay 

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