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EA-3 and Integra DTR-50.4



Hi All,

I just upgraded from an EA-1 to an EA-3 however im having a little trouble selecting different streams. 
I have HDMI into the AV Receiver for the Online Navigator - and I have disabled HDMI Audio.

Coax Running into a DAC and then into a Stereo Input on the Receiver

3.5mm Stereo into a second Stereo Input on the Receiver.

When I select to play a stream - eg. Pandora I can then group this to all 3 areas of mine fine, however if I want to have Pandora inside and then Deezer out in the alfresco, it doesnt seem to activate the second output stream on the EA3, rather it just changes Pandora to Deezer or vice versa.

Can someone shed some light on what I might be doing wrong? I hope what I have written above makes sense.



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Makes complete sense. You need a driver that coverts the signal so that c4 knows that you have the DAC in place. Use the AV Path Setter driver (follow documentation within the driver) and make sure the driver is installed in the room where the AVR driver is or simply make a DAC driver in the wizard in about 2 minutes. C4 will then know the two analogue paths exist into your AVR. Then, make sure the Digital Media driver is not hidden in any of the rooms, power off all zones, refresh navs and test. If you're not a dealer, you will need to have one perform this for you.

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