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Jeff Creekbaum


So, I took my C4 class over a year ago and am finally getting around to doing a wireless lighting control system and am embarassed that i have forgotten how to link switches together.

In my current situation we have a adaptive phase dimmer as the controlling switch with 2 2-button switches as the 3-way toggles. When i go to my connections tab and grab the toggle on the adaptive phase, I can only link it to the 6 button keypads in the house. What am I missing?


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When you say 2 button switches are you actually talking about the auxiliary keypads?  If so they simply wire directly to the APD to control the load, there is nothing you need to do in composer.  If you actually installed a switch after you identify it you'll need to check the box "use as 2 button keypad" in the driver, then you'd be able to bind it to the dimmer. 

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