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Blind crazy


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Soi have Rf blinds. The messaging device is the multi-x


Plan A - use the 3 relay 2.9 driver. This gives blind groups and the 0-100% control for open / closed.


I bind each up down stop to a multi x relay

Bind those to the 3 relay driver.

This works but I get this shuffle up down stop thing whenever I make micro adjustments.

Also sometimes this safety setting seems to trigger open instead of just making sure it is stopped.


Plan b

Use th multi X blind driver.

Benefits. No disco shuffle up down stop. Nor x seconds later based on that safety setting occasionally opening the blind just closed.

Cons. this driver will not map to the blind group driver so I can't easily build a toggle open closed button for controlling two blinds (or can I?)

This con is a big problem. I have a single blind button.

Press is toggle the two blinds open or closed

Two press close one close the other 80% or close and then open 5 seconds then stop.

Three press stop both blinds.




I'm struggling to code the single press on plan b.


Any suggestions as to how to code that (plan a just binds the toggle).


Anyone know why this up / down / stop disco wiggle happens on the 3 relay driver and if I can stop that?

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