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Some suggestion for future Versions


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I have been using C4 for quite a while now and have a couple of ideas that I think would make a useful addtion to the system.

Audio formats:

FLAC and OGG support – both are open source and in common use


1) Web Interface to control C4 via notebook or Palm

Library database / Playlists:

1) Write changes made in Composer to tags in files, including cover art

2) Rescan function – detect changes in files made by use of other progams and then updating database according to it

3) Possibility to select more than one Album / Artist to edit tags

4) Ability to change order / move songs up or down within a playlist

5) Rating system – 1 to 5 stars (as many other programs use that)

6) Smartlists – ability to create playlists based on characteristics, for example an automatic playlist selecting top 50 or 100 most played songs


Fade in/out settings in preferences

MTSs / Touchpads:

1) Some Album names are too long to be displayed. Those are just cut off. So why not let the software just scroll them – that would make things easier some times.


1) 1 GB network card :)



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I love these suggestions too.

I would love to see FLAC, WMA Lossless format support.

I am learning about Control4 and I am having a hard time believing that that they don't have a web interface. There are cheap tablet devices like Nokia 810 which sell for less than $250. If we can add a web interface we will be all set.

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How about the ability to import standard calendar entries for the scheduler. That way, you could have special categories for C4 such as away. The programming could be created to look at the category of the calendar entry and automatically set house variables such as resetting thermostats, security settings, motion detectors, etc.

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