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So first of all, how do I figure out how to use this thing??? :) I'm slightly technical but I just haven't been able to make sense of it.

Also, is it possible that I am screwing up my project? I'm just connecting without doing anything but I think I'm screwing up settings by doing so. How do I prevent this?

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


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not specifically, I was just going to view things for a while before making any changes. For some reason though, by connecting with Composer HE, i've definitely overwritten the settings already in my project by my dealer. I know this because my stats automatically changed there settings without me doing anything. After looking at the stats, I've discovered the over/undershoot's have changed and the heat was turned off. This just by connecting. I'm wondering if I can connect and incorporate the existing settings by my dealer. I'll have to have him restore from his last backup.

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Why did your dealer not walk you through the program??

My original dealer never walked me through the program. One reason they are no longer my dealer!

Two things to make C4 is great system:

#1 a network that can fully function and support C4

#2 a dealer that knows what the hell they are doing!

Don't cut corners on either!

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So what I am discovering is that when I go into composer HE and I first double click on a stat, that stat is getting reset to the following;

System mode = off

Heat = 72

Cool = 74

Hold = off

I'm still diagnosing but I think if I first click on the properties tab and allow Composer to download the existing settings, it doesn't change the settings.

Sounds like it shouldn't do that, right? Maybe a bug? I would think before it goes to send new instructions to the stat, it should first try to pull down the existing settings.

I'm worried this may happen for all devices if I don't first click the properties tab.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Typically, double-clicking on a device brings up it's 'Control control'.

The windows control that typically is only used to verify that functionality is working to the driver.

As Composer is not usually used to actually control the system, it's typically used just to setup the system, the Control control may have issues like this.

The system was designed to be accessed via the Navigator interface, and *programmed* with Composer.

I know, lame excuse, but yes, until it's pulled down the properties from the thermostat, the Control control may not have the proper values.

It's likely a worse issue with the thermostat, because thermostats are a 'sleepy device', where the zigbee radio may shut down from time to time to save energy (especially if power stealing is enabled), so getting initial information back from the thermostat may not be immediate.

I don't know of any other issues with Composer that should catch you like that, i.e. the lights control control should work as you'd expect, not set the lights when you bring it up.


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The thermostat settings take some time to load in HE. After you click on a thermostat wait a few seconds. You can watch the screen populate with the actual thermostat values. We have also exprienced the thermostats not uploading the changes. Sometimes we will make a change and then re-click on the thermostat to make sure the changes take place. As Ryan said it may be a communucation issue (zigbee).

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