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Huge Startup Package!


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I am losing my home to the bank and am trying to salvage what I can. I don't have all the technical specifications with me, but I have a control4 whole home audio system with 8 zones, a control4 lighting system with approx 50 switches, a video camera with modulator for the front door, 2 Remote Controls, 4 6-button keypads, 2 control 4 thermostats, 17 in ceiling Klipsch speakers and 2 exterior ones, 2 klipsch subwoofers. I think I got everything. If anyone is interested in all/some of the above, please contact me at 801-232-1729 or ryan@suretyutah.com. I am willing to negotiate a package deal if you are interested.


I forgot, I also have 2 control4 minitouch screens.

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Ok, I got a list of the parts that I have in my home. Here they are. I would love to sell them as a whole package, but would also sell them individiually.These were installed almost 2 years ago, so they are not the newest models. I would like to get at least 50% of msrp if that's reasonable. I have attached a spreadsheet with what I would like for prices. I also have LOTS of cables that were used to connect all the home theater equipment that I would include in a bulk sale.

Control4 Harware:

1 Control4 Media Automation Controller

1 Control4 Multi-Channel Amplifier - 16

2 Control4 Power Over Ehternet Injectors

27 Control4 Dimmers - ALMOND

6 Control4 Dimmers - WHITE

18 Control4 3 Way Switches - ALMOND

1 Contol4 Switch - Almond

2 Control4 Ethernet Minitrouch Screens - Almond

3 Control4 6 Button Switch with Engraved Buttons - White

2 Control4 6 Button Switch with Engraved Buttons - Almond

3 Control4 System Remotes (The lcd screen is broken on one - I need to get it replaced)

Other Hardware:

1 Avtrak 72" Rotating Audio/Video Rack

5 Klipsch Speakers

7 Speakercraft Speakers pairs

2 Klipsch Subwoofers

2 Jamo Exterior Speakers

1 Integra XM ready 5.1 Channel Amp

1 Sony SA-CD Single Disc DVD

1 APC Power Conditioner

1 APC Battery Backup

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