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well sonus is the darling of windows 7 media player - as it is integrated in that media players 'play to' feature..

but more and more devices will be sure to show up on that list - at some point c4 should also == if you cant play from media player(DLNA) , ipod or itunes -> you will be left behind the eight ball.


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Tell Sonos to develop one to gain all the C4 customers.

Ah...it would only be a guess, but extrapolating from forum no's...there would be at least 10x as many Sonos vs C4 users....this is not a criticism of C4 by any means. It is a newer product.

But in any case, looking at it logically Sonos users already have a very good multiroom audio set up and it's a fair bet very few have anything much else. On the flip side, C4 users probably have multiroom audio already in their set up....as well as everything else :)

So by my reckoning and numbers, there is a much bigger market to sell C4 gear to Sonos users, than there is to sell Sonos gear to C4 users.

....but it's semantics.. what matters is that somehow, it could be made to happen. For a user like me, it would be a marriage made in heaven. Sonos users have already had a taste of multiroom control. They know what IP zoned gear can do....so the next logical step is to sell them C4!....and how do you do that? By selling them a 2 way driver to continue to use their Sonos setup! It's a no brainer IMHO...

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I use control4 to control my house but use sonus for distributed audio as I store all music in flac and ac3 and dts (which the sonus system can handle) - sonos is now releasing their new touch screen remote and also has free ipod interface - as well as playing from a pc ... where sonus badly lacks is control of anything else

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Is there a overhead garage door opener keypad, that will allow me to remotely change the keyless entry code with C4? My C4 system will be installed shortly, and I'd like better control of the garage door.

I am not aware of any openers that allow remote changing the entry code. The opener would need to allow the code to be changed remotely before C4 could even attempt to change it.

In the future you would probably get better response if you started a new thread. This thread is about Sonos not garage door openers.

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