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10.5 Touchscreen - firmware upgrade ?


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First post so be gentle...:-)

Just had a Control 4 system installed here in my terraced house in Manchester, England. A/V in 3 rooms and lights all around the house so quite small compared to some people on here really, but loving the system and what it can do for the money involved...(its a lot more expensive over here too.! This little project is around £12K and rising...)

Ive basically purchased a 10.5" touchscreen independently from my dealer and although working fine it doesnt display the artwork for mp3's at all on its display, even though my main system does fine. Ive noticed the firmware on the touchscreen is 1.70.... whereas my main system is the latest 1.71 variety. Is this the problem maybe ? If so how do I go about getting the touchscreen upgraded ? If not anyone have any ideas why the art isnt showing on the touchscreen?

and thinking about it if the firmware isnt the problem is it worth straining myself to get it upgraded when everything else is working fine ?

Any help appreciated,



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Although you can navigate with a Navigator device without having it be in the System project, some things will not work properly until you have added a touchpanel device in the project, and have identified your touchscreen in the project.

Things like popups, etc. definitely won't work, and artwork may be one of those things that don't work without being in the project.

You may want to double-check your network settings, I know that artwork, etc. also have issues if your netmask and/or gateway are not set properly.

I would think that a touchscreen running 1.7.0 should be able to connect to your system running 1.7.1, although it's always recommended that all devices run the same version.



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